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Here is the changelog of the current eF-Mod Releaser Edition version:


Hier der Changelog der aktuellen eF-Mod Releaser Edition Version:


  • eMule 46a eF-Mod 1.2a Releaser
  • merged the code to official eMule 46a code (eMulefan83)


  • eMule 45b eF-Mod RELEASER 1.1a
  • merged to eMule 45b Codebase (eMulefan83)
  • changed: Min./Max. UploadSlots (eMulefan83)
  • fixed: Files with Low Prio and Very low Prio now get Uploadscore (eMulefan83)
  • And other small things


  • eMule 44d eF-Mod RELEASER 1.0a
  • Powershare [Morph] (eMulefan83)
  • HideOs  [SF] (eMulefan83)
  • Share Only The Need  [Morph] (eMulefan83)
  • Increase Release Prio (eMulefan83)
  • Number of Uploadslots [Tritant] (eMulefan83)
  • Push Rare Files (eMulefan83)
  • Push Small Files (eMulefan83)
  • Sidebanner in Prefs (eMulefan83)
  • Mod Version [Pawcio] (eMulefan83)

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